Chief Pilot – Talon Air

by Charles Simmons

Chief Pilot – Talon Air



The purpose of the Chief Pilot (CP) position is to ensure that every flight operating under Talon Air’s Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate and Part 91 Aircraft Management program is continuously conducted safely, in compliance with all FAA and other government regulations, in conformance with operational specifications, and ultimately with the customer’s experience and high degree of satisfaction in mind, while upholding the values of an outstanding family business environment.


The Chief Pilot is a critical leadership role for the Operations Department. The CP will bring in and maintain a strong track record in aviation that includes a focus on safety and successful management of the pilot workforce. The CP will provide day-to-day leadership and motivation for the pilot team to deliver excellent technical and operational performance needed to achieve overall department goals. This includes recruiting, training, career path management, and aircraft operating standards. Additionally, the CP will support Talon Air’s  exceptional customer service interest with clients while utilizing the services offered within the department.

  • Assist with the development, communication, and implementation of efficient operational procedures, policies, and effective growth strategies
  • Ensure that the department flight operations are properly staffed, organized, trained, and directed to fulfill its responsibilities
  • Drive department to achieve business goals and objectives
  • Ensure that the department and personnel have the adequate resources needed to perform their jobs successfully and efficiently
  • Coordinate with the scheduling team to ensure proper scheduling of aircraft and pilots, as well as tracking of flights
  • Assist in promoting a healthy culture for the department and the pilot team that benefits employee engagement, happiness, customer loyalty, safety, integrity, and overall excellence
  • Support the Director of Operations when conducting performance evaluations for the department that provides feedback to and from the employees, as well as a planning for corrective actions needed to be successful in their role
  • Support the Director of Operations while performing basic HR functions for the department including recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding of new pilots and counseling or discharging of personnel
  • Establish and maintain a close working relationship with the FAA
  • Prepare and maintain all pilot training, flight and duty, and proficiency records
  • Maintain all record keeping, including those that FAA and the company requires
  • Ensure aircraft documents, checklists, publications, and databases are continually up to date
  • Manage iPad EFB program and tablets including updates to documents
  • Oversee and schedule training resources and their execution, including aircraft training flights, simulator, enroute flight checks, ground school, and other learning courses used by department
  • Conduct basic indoctrination and emergency training, as well as other internal training to include customer service
  • Coordinate with the Director of Operations and Director of Maintenance on the timely communication and correction of mechanical repairs, as well as planned inspections or maintenance work on the fleet around scheduled flights
  • Perform flight duties as Captain on qualified aircraft based on scheduling needs and crew capacity
  • Complete Flight Safety training authorization IAW Talon’s training program
  • Provide ops on call after hours
  • Maintain the 12.5 security program
  • Assist in conformity process of new airplanes to Talon certificate
  • Complete all FANS/CPDLC compliance packages for our large cabin fleet in coordination with NEXGen and OAPS poral.
  • Ensure policies and procedures are followed and paperwork is submitted by crews in a timely and legible manner
  • Exercise authorization and compliance per CFR 119.69
  • Spend time approximately 50% flying and 50% office duties



  • Must hold an Airline Transport Pilot certificate (ATP)
  • Must have served for at least 3-years as a Chief Pilot for a Part 135 or Part 121 turbine multi-aircraft operator [or] have served at least 3 out of the last 6 years as PIC in a department that performed turbine multi-aircraft operations under Part 135 or Part 121
  • Extensive knowledge of FARs, ACs, SAFO/InFO,
  • Solid understanding of SOPs and industry best practices
  • 3+ years within general aviation and equivalent operational experience to include familiarity with aircraft maintenance scheduling, crew and staff management, and customer relations
  • Check airman, instructor, and safety manager experience preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree


  • Understanding of business operations concepts including budgets, planning, sales projections, financial performance, and reporting
  • Analytical ability to evaluate data and information to make operational decisions
  • Strong communication skills (written and oral) and effective interpersonal aptitude
  • Proficiency with computers including Microsoft Office products and scheduling software
  • People management, conflict resolution, and resource allocation
  • Strong organization skills and attention to detail
  • Proven management and leadership capabilities
  • Ability to prepare and complete reports pertaining to department and position

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