Military Retiring: Transitioning to Corporate

by Charles Simmons

You are in the military and now retiring. You served your country but now your separation date is drawing near. It’s time to take the skills learned and honed in the military and put them to use in the civilian market. So how do you equate that experience and those skills into the language spoken by corporate recruiters. The cultural differences may be quite wide but that’s ok. We will help you prepare for re-entry. Corporate flying is quite different in terms of lifestyle and structure from military or even airline flying.

The first thing you need to do is to think about the path you want to take into the civilian flying world. Do you want to instruct? Fly charter? Or fly for JC Penney, Walmart or Microsoft or some other large corporation? What’s the pay like? How about lifestyle associated with each of those? How do you find your way into one of those positions? How should you structure your resume? What should you put into or take out of your story for the interview?

Do you just want to dispatch, turn a wrench or fly the plane or are you interested in a leadership position?

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